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Yearly Breeding Matches


Fierce Impact x Pure Excellence (Filly)

Rich Enuff x Invincible Diva (Colt)

Rich Enuff x Jellylorum (Colt)


National Defense x Playful Rosie (Filly)

Palentino x Gabi (Colt)


National Defense x Playful Rosie (Filly)

Magnus x Jellylorum (Filly)

Palentino x Invincible Diva (Colt)

Fiorente x Pure Excellence (Colt)

National Defense x Boombox Babe (Filly)


Holler x Be Mine - Colt born 24.09.2019


Air Force Blue x Playful Rosie - Colt born 30.9.2018

Duporth x Be Mine born Filly born 29.08.2018

Va Pensiaro x Jellylorum Filly born 3.09.2018

Rich Enough x Invincible Diva Filly born 29.09.2018

Fighting Sun x Pure Excellence Colt born 6.10.2018

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